Zip Tip Winglets for Barons & Navajos

Discover what the airlines have realized performance, stability, safety
and looks in one simple package
Beechcraft Barons: STC SA01349AT, Models 55, A55, B55, B55A, B55B, C55, C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A, 58, 58A, 58P, and *G58 See Price List
Piper Navajos: STC SA00336AT, Models PA31, PA31P,PA31-325, & PA31-350 See Price List
*STC recently amended to include the G58 Baron!
These winglets will improve the performance of your aircraft in every phase of flight. Advantages offered by the winglets include:
  • Shorter takeoff runs
  • Improved aileron response
  • A better rate of climb
  • Faster cruise speeds
  • Improved single engine performance
  • Increased in flight stability
  • Shorter landing rolls
  • Added resell value
The basic purpose of winglets is to reduce lift-induced drag by breaking up wingtip vortices. But that primary function sets off a chain reaction of other favorable characteristics including those listed above. The winglets reduce yaw --- especially yaw in turbulence. During stalls, they prevent the wingtip from stalling first, thus reducing the tendency of one wing dropping before the other.

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