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Dear Mike,

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our "Lock & Key" Renovated Navajo! After one year of flying the airplane, I know it was the right decision for our family. Itís a fantastic traveling machine: from our home base near Cincinnati, weíve been to northern Michigan, Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, Hilton Head Island, Mexico, Washington D.C., and many other destinations. The Garmin G600 and its Synthetic Vision Technology truly give this airplane a state-of-the-art glass panel. The Gamijectors and JPI EDM-760 are allowing us to operate safely and efficiently on the Lean side of peak, greatly extending the range and economy of the airplane: Iím getting 25 more knots of speed for only two gph more than the Aztec I previously owned! Finally, you did such a great job with the airframe that we are coming through our first annual with flying colors.

Iím looking forward to many more hours of safe and convenient travel. I would certainly recommend a "Lock & Key" Renovated Navajo to any interested parties.

Fly safely,

Craig Bahner
Cincinnati, OH

It was an absolute pleasure to do business with you in the purchasing of our "Lock & Key" Renovated Navajo. Not only were you very patient in helping us to make a decision, but you were also honest and a man of your word. Everything you promised, whether verbally or on paper, was completed. We will most definitely be your friends for life.

Now, to the airplane - one of the most important things for me in purchasing an airplane was trying as much as possible to buy something that was going to be worry free. Most definitely, that is what we purchased from you. We have flown the airplane for 200 hours and it has been awesome. In December, we took the airplane for 26 days island hopping in the Caribbean: flew 35 hours to 8 islands and the airplane performed like a dream. It turned heads everywhere we went. We could not have made a better purchase even if we bought a brand new airplane. Thank you for the quality product that you are producing.

Pembroke Pines, Florida

We want to take this opportunity to thank you. My wife and I couldn't be happier with our new "Lock & Key" Renovated Navajo. We fly to the Bahamas all the time with all the seats used and still have plenty of room for the luggage.

We constantly get compliments on the aircraft wherever we go. You have a great product and stand behind it 100%.

Ken & Brenda Keating and Family
Bradenton, Florida

Dear Mike:

I am writing to tell you how much fun we are having flying the "Lock & Key" Renovated Navajo we bought from you last year. Cosmetically, the airplane is extremely well done, and everyone that sees it from the outside is impressed. But it's really fun to show our panel to jet jockeys who don't have nearly the level of electronics that we do. They are envious of the sophistication of our cockpit.

We are using the airplane all over the West. Most often we fly in the Los Angeles basin with Class B airspace everywhere. Even VFR we have no problems with traffic because of our dual TCAS displays. The TAWS feature is also helpful in the mountains. I am about to add a radar altimeter to our panel, but, other than that, this is an extremely well-equipped airplane. I also appreciate your quick attention to the few squawks we have had.

Please feel free to have potential customers call me. I am a very satisfied customer.

M. Bragg
Palm Springs, California

Dear Mike,

It was a great pleasure doing business with you. It is rare in this day and age to come across someone who truly puts the customer first. You made the whole process of purchasing my "Lock & Key" Renovated Navajo a joy.

The plane is superb! I now have over 250 hours on her since I purchased her and really no squawks. For that matter I recently completed the annual on her and other than the normal service bulletins nothing came up, a testimony of the quality of the work that you did on her.

Thank you for having integrity in your manner and your product!

D. Hardiman

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